Bogus caller alert

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Police in Stranraer have issued a warning after a man tried to scam householders into buying a free magazine.

The warning comes after police received several reports of a male visiting properties in the Stranraer area offering to sell “Quest” magazines.

Quest is a publication promoting in-service education, resettlement training and recruitment for those leaving the three British armed services. Quest

is a free publication available for subscription free of charge via its website. Quest is not a charity, and it does not collect on behalf of other charities. Under no circumstances will a representative from Quest knock on your door to ask for a donation.

Anyone being visited by a suspicious caller should not allow them into their property and should decline whatever they are offering. Take down as much detail about the person as possible, such as appearance, accent, the company they claim to work for and detail about any vehicle they may be using, including registration number, and hand into police.