Bladnoch Distillery appoints master distiller and blender

Bladnoch Distillery Ltd has appointed Ian Macmillan as its master distiller and blender.

Ian, former head of distilleries and master blender with Burn Stewart Distillers, will join Bladnoch Distillery Ltd in early October 2015.

Ian Macmillan will use his 40 years experience in the Scotch Whisky industry, including his experience resuscitating Burn Stewart’s three distilleries, to bring Bladnoch in South West Scotland back into production. The company intends to restore Bladnoch’s reputation as one of the foremost Lowland Scotch Whiskies following acquisition of the distillery by David Prior last month.

In announcing Ian Macmillan’s appointment, David Prior said: “I am delighted that such a well-known master distiller and blender as Ian Macmillan will join the Bladnoch team in the early autumn. His experience and expertise will ensure we create the finest Scotch Whiskies as we re-start distilling at Bladnoch and develop our brand strategy and marketing.”

Ian Macmillan said on his appointment: “I am very excited to be joining Bladnoch and eager to get started. I look forward to meeting the challenges of getting Bladnoch back into production. There is a tremendous opportunity to create one of the very best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies for passionate consumers of Scotch worldwide, and to develop the range of Bladnoch bottlings and other Scotch Whisky brands.”