Black Galloway is champion porter

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Sulwath Brewers attended the 2016 Scottish Real Ale Festival which was held in Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange on Thursday 7th July for the Champion Beer of Britain heats.

“The Black Galloway” won the prestigious title of CAMRA Champion Porter of Scotland 2016.

Black Galloway is a 4.4% ABV porter which derives its colour from the roast malts used in the brewing process. The beer has coffee-like flavours with a moderate bitter finish and full mouthfeel.

Managing Director, Allen Henderson said: “Everyone at Sulwath Brewers works tirelessly to ensure we are able to produce the very best that we can. We look forward to take this award-winning beer to the finals of the Champion Beer of Britain held in London next summer.”

A Spokesperson for Dumfries and Stewartry CAMRA group, Alan Gass, said: “Sulwath Brewers did really well at the Scottish Beer Festival in Edinburgh this year winning a prestigious award.

At a recent presentation in The Brewery Tap in Castle Douglas the branch`s Brewery Liaison Officer, Keith Bruce, was delighted to hand over the official award certificate.”

The name “Sulwath” is the ancient name for the Solway Estuary. This is reputed to date back to a ford, or crossing near the mouth of the river Esk which marked the border between Scotland and England around the 13th Century, and from general usage, the estuary became known as “Sulwath”.

With the predominance of migratory seabirds in the upper reaches of the Solway, principally geese from the Arctic Circle who “winter” with us at Caerlaverock, this has become an internationally known Wildfowl Reserve.

According to local custom, it is said that the first sign of approaching springtime is when these birds gather in flights of many thousands and fly northwards to their summer homelands.

The Caerlaverock region is dominated by a granite based mountain called “Criffel” hence the Sulwath logo of two flying geese against its background.

Local Branch spokesman for the Campaign for Real Ale, Alan Gass added: “We have over 100 members locally and anyone with an interest in real ale is encouraged to join us at our various events and play a part in local activities by simply joining CAMRA.”