Birthing suite open day to highlight positives of childbirth

Women due to give birth in Wigtownshire are being invited to visit the Clenoch Birthing Centre to learn how they can make it a joyful, positive experience.

Local midwives are having an ‘open doors’ event to celebrate childbirth and the benefits of giving birth at the centre in a fortnight, on Saturday 16 August between 2pm and 4pm starting in the dining room at the Galloway Community Hospital. Stranraer.

Tours of the birthing centre may be limited to maintain the privacy of the people using the service, but NHS Dumfries and Galloway said this week the event is designed to allow mums-to-be to focus on the positive aspects of labour and childbirth by “celebrating the elation, joy and achievement many women experience”. There will be particular emphasis on the homely and warm environment offered at the birthing centre.

Lynn Young, Midwife said: “The open day is part of our MPower campaign which seeks to promote the positive and exciting aspects of labour and childbirth. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of women requesting a caesarean section due to fear of labour and childbirth. To dispel some of these fears we have developed an open day that will highlight the kinds of things we can do to help women achieve a positive birth experience.”

Midwives will be on-hand at the open day to provide information and guided tours of Clenoch Birthing Centre and its facilities.

Family members and close friends are also welcome at the event and opportunities will be available to explore their important role in supporting women to plan and prepare for labour and birth.

Lynn added: “We want to encourage and support women and their families to believe in their ability to give birth and work in partnership with every woman to ensure she has control of her birth experience and plays an active role in the decision making process, including choosing where to give birth.”