Big cat sighting at Twynholm

A Dublin man heading to the ferry is convinced he saw a big cat near Twynholm last Saturday at about half one in the afternoon.

Stephen Kedney was so unnerved by his experience he got in touch with The Galloway Gazette on his return home to report what he saw.

Stephen said: “Whilst driving along the A75 towards the ferry terminal at Cairnryan, just after the turn off for Twynholm village, I looked down to the left and noticed a very large, dark brown feline type animal in the field behind the houses. I carried on and quickly turned around and went back into village and drove up and down sure I would see it again but saw nothing. I carried on to catch my ferry home and all the way over I Googled cat sightings in Scotland, this is where I got your email address from.

“I know what I saw and was surprised that something like this would be in such proximity to a built up area.”