Big beach clean at Larbrax by Leswalt and Portpatrick primary schools

Leswalt and Portpatrick pupils at Larbrax
Leswalt and Portpatrick pupils at Larbrax

The partnership schools of Leswalt and Portpatrick recently met half way between the two schools at Larbrax beach, to undertake a big beach clean.

Both schools are currently focussing on “Water” as a context for learning, so this clean up on the beach tied in with current learning in the classroom and on-going Eco Schools development.

Pupils gathered a huge amount of rubbish and even took part in a random rubbish competition, organised by Mrs Bathgate to see who could find the most random piece of rubbish on the beach. Pupils found items such as tyres, a dog’s muzzle, toothbrush, body parts from a toy doll, for sale sign and even part of a bed! However Finlay Mc Millan was the winner of the prize for the rather exotic coconut found resting on the shores of Larbrax beach!

After all of their hard work pupils were rewarded with an ice lolly and juice – kindly provided by Mrs Anderson who owns the cottage on the shore. They then went on to have fun building sandcastles and enjoying the lovely clean beach in the glorious sunshine.