Bedroom tax protest

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A delegation from the newly formed Stranraer Anti Bedroom Tax Organisation attended the All Scotland Federation Conference to discuss how to abolish the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “The meeting was held in Glasgow on Saturday and was attended by hundreds of activists from all corners of Scotland. Tommy Sheridan was voted as the All Scotland Federation chairperson and presented the Founding Statement that was agreed. The Stranraer Organisation having affiliated will now be sending two representatives to serve on the all Scotland Federation steering group. One of the most vital pieces of information that will affect those in Stranraer was an appeal form with details about the grounds of appeal. All present were advised to look closely at the grounds of appeal after receiving the information that their benefit is now to be reduced by whatever amount. If the letter does not inform the recipient of their right to appeal, then the letter may be invalid.”

Stevie Reay who attended the conference said: “This is an important fact because any appeal has to be made within 30 days of receiving the letter”.

Councillor Willie Scobie who led the delegation is to call a meeting as soon as possible for all the people to fight this tax, whether directly affected by it or just wanting to stand with those who are.

He said “We hope this fight will manifest itself in all the ways mentioned in the Founding Statement building an anti-eviction army.

“The Statement calls on all local authorities, housing associations and the Scottish and Westminster governments to support a no eviction policy and to refuse to implement the bedroom tax.”