Barman was drunk at work

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A STRANRAER barman who served alcohol to his friends outwith licensed hours time and while drunk was fined £480 this week.

David Agnew, 46, of Hanover Street, was working at the Commerical Inn on October 23 last year. Police were in the area at around 1.15am when they heard loud music and drunken voices coming from behind the closed door to the premises.

The court heard that the officers banged loudly on the door and Agnew opened it. As he let them in, the officers could smell alcohol on him and saw he was “clearly intoxicated”.

Once inside, the officers witnessed a number of people with drinks in front of them.

Lawyer Paul Feeney said friends of Agnew had been telling him to “put a drink behind the bar for himself” when buying their own throughout the evening and he foolishly took them up on this earlier than he should have, resulting in him becoming drunk.