Banned from keeping animals after dog shame

A Whithorn couple who admitted mistreating dogs were sentenced at Stranraer Sheriff Court last week.

Martin Joynson-Ellis, Roadside Cottage, Craiglemine, admitted keeping three dogs in a wooden shed that was heavily contaminated with urine and faeces with no sleeping area or fresh water. Joynson-Ellis, 42, also admitted, between September and October, 2013, causing a dalmatian called Mylo unnecessary suffering by failing to fit the correct sized collar on the dog and then failing to get veterinary treatment when the dog suffered infected ulceration to its skin and dermatitis.

Joynson-Ellis was banned from keeping or caring for any animal for one year and, after that, for a further six years, any animal with the exception of one dog. He was also ordered to complete a community payback order. Deobroah Joynson-Ellis, 37 was admonished on one charge but banned from keeping any animal for one year, except for the two horses she owns.