Ban the banners, say councillors

Banners on the railings
Banners on the railings

The continued use of public railings for advertising banners in and around Newton Stewart is getting out of hand, said councillors this week.

Back in the summer, members of Cree Valley Community Council voiced concerns over the banners which had been hung on public garden railings across from the Bank of Scotland.

And now, members have agreed enough is enough and they are going to ask Dumfries and Galloway Council planners to act on it.

In the summer, it was decided to hang back and see if the banners were a temporary feature.

But at their monthly meeting on Monday, several councillors pointed out that more and more seem to be going up on various railings and fences in the area.

Having taken advice from the authority, secretary Diann Hughes explained that some banners are allowed without special permission if they are advertising an upcoming event.

But permanent business adverts require planning permission, rendering these banners unlawful.

Member Clifford Smithers aid: “We’re going to end up with the town polluted with them.

“There isn’t even room for temporary ones now - they’re advertising weekly carveries and weight loss classes.

“I think they’re a distraction and a danger, as people are looking at them when they’re crossing roads.”

It was also pointed out that such signs are appearing at Newton Stewart Roundabout, the New Galloway Road end in Minnigaff and, although not in the Cree Valley area, at the Wigtown Hill junction towards Bladnoch.

It was agreed that Diann would contact the relevant people in the planning department to raise the issue and request action be taken on the banners.