Baby proof your home

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As the future King and Queen organise a million-pound refurbishment of Kensington Palace for the latest addition to the royal family, Swinton, the insurance company, has advised all new parents to thoroughly baby proof their home.

The average home holds a number of hazards for new babies, so it is crucial that homes are baby-proofed to avoid any harm by following the guidelines.

New mums and dads should ensure all carpets are secure to avoid any tripping, especially when carrying a baby. Keep the stairs and floor clear of obstacles, toys, clothes or books as these can cause falls.

Secure all drawers, toilet seats and cupboards within reach of your child. Fix safety gates onto stairs and hazardous parts of the house.

Adventurous babies will try to climb anything, so fasten free-standing bookcases and cupboards to the wall and use padding to cover any sharp edges.

Be mindful when placing new babies onto your bed, they can easily roll off.

TVs are an instant attraction to babies and toddlers, so ensure TVs, DVD players and digital boxes are anchored.

Tape down electrical wires so your child can’t pull any appliances when crawling around.