Asda now delivering groceries to Machars

Supermarket chain Asda has expanded its online delivery zone to include Newton Stewart and the Machars and the local response has been huge.

The chain had previously only delivered as far west as Carsluith but now shoppers have bombarded the store’s online shop to order deliveries this week.

Some locals believe the expansion is a way for Asda to test the market in the area ahead of resubmission of controversial plans to build an as-yet unspecified supermarket building on the outskirts of Newton Stewart at Barnkirk.

CWP’s planning application was withdrawn last year amid a division of support and objection from townsfolk. The company claimed its client was on eof the UK’s “three big-name supermarkets” but weren’t able to specify.

A campaign against the plans was started by local traders who felt it would hamper their nusinesses.