Artic threat to iconic Cree Bridge looming

The Cree Bridge will carry the ferry traffic through the night
The Cree Bridge will carry the ferry traffic through the night

The “alarming situation” of hundreds of artic lorries coming though Newton Stewart and over the “iconic” Cree Bridge though the night is of grave concern to members of Cree Valley Community Council.

The members heard that Scotland TranServ are planning to shut the By-Pass Bridge to traffic from 8pm to 6am to continue resurfacing the road and waterproofing the bridge, meaning the town will have to take a substantial increase in traffic as drivers head to and from the two ferry ports at Cairnryan. CVCC chairman Tom Greenaway said the impact of the ferry traffic rumbling up and down the town and over the 200-year-old bridge, which has a weight limit of 7.5 tonnes, for around a month, could affect the infrastructure of the town. He warned: “This is potentially one of the most destructive things that could happen to Newton Stewart. It’s an alarming situation. I am worried about drains collapsing.”

Councillor Alistair Geddes stated: “I have already voiced my concerns about this as two or three lorries going across at once will place a tremendous strain on the bridge, which is an icon of Newton Stewart.”

Scotland TranServ commented: “The A75 works at Cree Bridge are being carried out as part of an overall investment of £5 million to improve the long term resilience of Dumfries and Galloway’s trunk roads network. The defects to the footway are far greater than was first anticipated therefore work has been postponed until a specialist sub-contractor has been appointed. The bridge which runs over the River Cree is suitable to carry traffic through this diversion and is only utilised overnight when works are being carried out and traffic flows are lighter.”