Anni proves she is strongest link

Most definately not the weakest link, Braehead's Anni Telford. GG 0709010 11
Most definately not the weakest link, Braehead's Anni Telford. GG 0709010 11
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A BRAEHEAD woman managed to avoid hearing those immortal words as she walked away from a popular BBC gameshow having proven that she is definitely not The Weakest Link - and £2510 richer.

Anni Telford, of Jubilee Cottage in the village, beat her fellow contestants in the notoriously cut-throat show hosted by Anne Robinson - who Anni said is nuch nicer than you may expect - during filming at Glasgow’s Pacific Quay.

Anni, 57, had spotted a friend on the show and decided to apply.

She said: “After I saw an old friend on the programme I thought ‘I could do that’, filled in an online form, went up for an interview about four weeks ago and ended up recording the programme on the 29th of March.

“Anne is much smaller and daintier than she looks on the telly but tries very hard to look fierce. She’s in role the whole time.

“They’d asked me (as I told them I write poetry and prose) if I could write a wee poem for her which I had done.”

Anni was put up by the BBC in a hotel before being taken to the studios the following day.

She said: “The girls from wardrobe arrived and took away everyone’s outfits. They then suggest what you’ve to wear as they don’t want everyone looking the same. You then go to make up, and the women there were lovely, they really relaxed me and made me feel at home. Then there’s a briefing session where they explain all the rules and things, then you’re taken down to the studio and Anne arrives.”

The set is much smaller than it looks on TV and you’re really close to her. I think some people were a bit shaken by her but really she’s very nice underneath (or at least she was to me, and to the young man Rory who ended up in the final with me). Each round makes you more nervous and some people were trying to vote tactically but I tried to vote for the person I thought was the weakest link the whole time. You do make stupid answers and there’s one on the programme which I’ll never be able to live down, I could have shot myself the minute I said it. After that I listened really carefully to the questions and took a few second to think about the answers before I said anything. The final is really nerve racking, so much so I couldn’t keep count of where we were and was expecting to go to a head to head at the end. I was really surprised when she announced that I was the strongest link and had won the money. She came up afterwards and shook my hand and congratulated me. She commiserated with the young man who lost and really was very pleasant. I throughly enjoyed the day, the BBC really looked after us and it was fascinating to see how it was made.”