Anger over recycling ‘U-turn’

Labour politicians have criticised an “embarrassing and expensive U-turn” by the Tory-SNP Dumfries and Galloway Council as it proposes re introducing kerbside recycling three years after scrapping the blue box paper recycling.

The proposals are set to be discussed by councilors at next week’s Planning, Housing and Environment on Tuesday, November 13.

Labour’s Colin Smyth, said: “This is an embarrassing and expensive U-turn. When the council removed the kerbside paper collection in 2009 Labour opposed it and warned it was an ill-thought-out decision, and we have been proved right. Tory and SNP councillors lined up to say we didn’t need recycling from the kerbside because the council focused on re-use through the eco-deco plant, despite the Scottish government consistently telling them this did not meet recycing targets.”