Anger over moving of planning officials

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A councillor at this week’s meeting of Cree Valley Community Council raged that the local authority had crossed a “red line” by trying to relocate officers away from his area.

Alistair Geddes’s outburst came after news that the One Stop Shop, where residents can access council services, will be moved into Newton Stewart Library as part of cost-cutting. But the idea of the planning officer being sent to Stranraer was too much.

Councillor Geddes said: “There is no way I will stand by and see services stripped out of Mid Galloway. If the One Stop Shop moves I asked if that would leave the planning officer in splendid isolation in the McMillan Hall. When I was told he would move to Stranraer my reaction was ‘dream on’. That was my red line. I have since heard the planning officer will be relocated somewhere else in Newton Stewart.”