Anger at poor state of roads

RESIDENTS of Cairnsmore Cres- cent in Newton Stewart ambushed a council roads technician this week as part of their ongoing fight for a new road surface.

Colin Forbes was met by a handful of angry residents who have been campaigning for footpaths, streetlights and repairs to their potholed road for some time, but he said there were other areas in a worse state which had been scheduled for repair – if the money became available.

He explained that the surface was one laid around 12 years ago and that he had been to inspect the road, but it was not dangerous. He said: “It is unsightly but not dangerous. Yes, it may cause a trip hazard but we will maintain repairs to that.”

He said the council was looking for funding to make repirs to parts of Corvisel Road, Mansefield Place, McGregor Drive and Glentrool, and that Cairnsmore Avenue would need a footpath before lights could be fitted.

But Cairnsmore Avenue residents were outraged that their street wasn’t on the list. One lady, who is registered blind, made her way over to Mr Forbes to say she struggles to leave the house because of the surface. The residents also complained that they had no gritbox nearby.

Mr Forbes said, after a lengthy representation from residents, he had been unaware how strongly they felt about the situation and he would look at finding funds to add the street to his list.

Councillor Alistair Geddes asked him to confirm a timescale and added there was little point in providing the street with a gritbox in January. Mr Forbes said he would look at setting a timescale for repairs.