Anger at bus route change

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​RESIDENTS of Glebe Crescent and surrounding streets in Newton Stewart are facing an uphill hike after being dropped off from public buses some distance from their homes, it was claimed this week.

The Stagecoach 500 service from Stranraer is not following the correct route, according to Cree Valley Community Council member Neil Cairns.

Mr Cairns told CVCC on Monday that residents living in the area at the top of the town are being driven to the A75 roundabout, along Queen Street and dropped off at Dashwood Square before walking up Princes Street because bus drivers are refusing to enter the town via the cemetery turn-off before Newton Stewart Hospital.

Councillor Graham Nicol said that the morning bus was requested to use the Queen Street route to ease congestion at the Square during the rush-hour, but Mr Cairns pointed out that it was every service, not just the morning one. The councillor agreed to relay the issue to council chiefs.

Richard Kay also pointed out that school buses were continuing to travel through the town instead of using the new route via Blairmount Park and onto the A75, which would ease congestion. Councillor Nicol also agreed to raise this with the relevant people.