Anger as shows arrive again

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A councillor is demanding that Dumfries and Galloway Council apologise “profusely” to the people of Newton Stewart after the local authority failed to notify anyone that the shows were coming to town.

Complaints about the number of car parking spaces lost in Newton Stewart’s Riverside Car Park to the shows since Monday have been growing, especially from businesses affected.

There is particular indignation as none of the elected members, Cree Valley Community Council or the Newton Stewart Business Association were told by the council that the shows were booked into the town’s main car park.

Taylor’s Fun Fair has now taken over half of the Riverside Car Park. It opened 
to the public on Wednesday and is due to move on again on Monday.

One businessman told The Galloway Gazette: “We seem to have this problem every year. Two years ago we complained to the council and to local councillors about the loss of the car park. But once again the people of Newton Stewart and the surrounding area now have nowhere to park. I spoke to two of our councillors on Sunday night and they knew nothing about it!

“We are fed up with this on a holiday weekend. Visitors coming into the town who can’t get a parking space will just go elsewhere so shops and restaurants are hit.

“Fairs like this should not be in the main car park. The business community is not happy about this at all and no consideration has been shown whatsoever.”

Mid Galloway councillor Graham Nicol added: “I had no idea the shows were coming. We have never been notified as elected members and the Cree Valley Community Council and the business associaton have not been notified. It would appear there has been a breakdown in communication between the local authority and the local community.

“I trust the relevant department will apologise to the community profusely and that this will never happen again.

“As soon as I learned of this I contacted the relevant officer who assured me she would speak with the community leaders and that was on Monday morning.”