Advice for students as results day approaches

With results day just a few days away, UCAS advisers, including its Social Media Team, are available to help anyone with questions about the Confirmation and Clearing process.

UCAS figures released after 30 June – the deadline for making applications – show that 49,470 people from Scotland have applied to higher education in the UK so far this year; an increase of two per cent on last year.

Applicants can sign in to Track from 09:00 on SQA results day (9 August) to see if they have been accepted or are eligible for Clearing.

An official Clearing choice can be made from 10:00, although applicants should call universities and colleges beforehand to discuss courses that interest them and ensure places are available.

Helen Thorne, Director of External Relations at UCAS, offered this advice to applicants: “If you achieve the results you need for your chosen course, you will see that your place has been confirmed when you sign in. If you haven’t been accepted for your firm or insurance choice, there are a number of options open to you, including Clearing.

“Clearing is open to anyone who is without a place on results day, for whatever reason. You can find detailed guidance about the entire process on the UCAS website, along with the courses that have vacancies.

“When looking at alternative universities and courses, make sure you research the requirements carefully and choose something you have a genuine interest in. Three years is a long time to study something you don’t enjoy! Aim to be as well-informed as possible before calling the admissions staff to discuss the course you’re interested in.”

The UCAS website contains all the information on Clearing that students need, and our Social Media Team is ready to help people through Twitter and Facebook. If you prefer to talk something through, our expert advisers are also available from 08:00 on SQA results day by calling 0371 468 0 468.

If you don’t get the results you expected (whether higher or lower) and need advice about future options, you might also find it helpful to contact professional careers advisers through the free Skills Development Scotland Exam Results Helpline, on 0808 100 8000. The line is open from 08:00 on SQA results day.