Advertising callers are not from the Galloway Gazette

THE Galloway Gazette is issuing a warning to all advertisers and readers to be aware of hoax callers who may be in touch to sell advertising.

A company calling themselves ‘The Gazette’ has been in contact with some of our customers to sell advertising space and when asked if they are from the Galloway Gazette, the caller has answered with ‘yes’.

If you are ever called by staff here selling advertising space, it will only be by Kim Crosbie, Donna McKeand or Julie Hamilton and will only ever be from local Newton Stewart numbers beginning with 01671 40. Please ask the caller to specify their name and phone number.

Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary said the problem with hoaxers is that they hook onto something familiar, such as the name ‘Gazette’, and use it to their advantage.

He added: “In this sort of case, victim is familiar with the local tried and tested brand.”

Please let us know at The Galloway Gazette if you are contacted by anyone other than those named above on 01671 404760.