Action urged on Cairnryan

Three MSPs have joined forces to highlight the plight of Cairnryan residents who say their quality of life has been diminished since Stena moved to the village, bringing increased traffic and disruption.

Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Alex Fergusson and South of Scotland MSPs Aileen McLeod and Graeme Pearson met the Scottish Transport Minister and highlighted the impact that the port’s related traffic has had on the quality of life of Cairnryan residents.

Speaking after the meeting, which was held last Tuesday, Mr Fergusson said: “There can be no doubt Stena’s 
move to Cairn­ryan has had a major negative impact on the village. Noise, vibration and an enormous increase in the number of HGVs travelling through the village often at speeds well in excess of 30mph have all combined to greatly reduce the quality of life for Cairnryan residents.

“All three of us put the case for Transport Scotland to treat Cairnryan as a special case and investigate measures to deal with the current unacceptable situation. The result is that monitoring will be carried out and recommendations will be made at a further meeting. These recommendations could include the use of speed cameras within the 30mph limit. It is my own opinion that this is the only realistic way of addressing the situation.”

Dr McLeod added: “I welcome Transport Scotland’s agreement to undertake monitoring of the situation in Cairnryan with a view to working out what additional measures may be taken to improve road safety through the village. Residents of Cairnryan live with a high volume of traffic, particularly HGV traffic, so it is only right that Transport Scotland examines what more can be done to help keep their community safe.”

Diary of an MSP – page 22