Academy inspection goes well

Kirkcudbright Academy received a glowing report from a new-style Education Scotland inspection.

Kirkcudbright was one of the government body’s first ‘try-out’ inspections.

The key strengths of the school were identified as the quality of relationships between young people and staff who are supporting their learning; young people who are proud of their school, keen to learn and are attaining well and staff working together to manage change effectively.

Areas for improvement were identified as ensuring all staff, young people and their parents have a shared vision for the future direction of the school. This will support the school to build on its strengths and continue to improve. The school also has to continue to improve the consistency of learning, teaching and assessment to ensure all young people attain as highly as possible and developing young people’s understanding of the skills and qualities they are developing across their learning.

A spokesman for Education Scotland said: “We are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and we will make no further visits in relation to this inspection. Our Area Lead Officer will maintain contact with Dumfries and Galloway Council to monitor the school’s progress. As part of its arrangements for reporting to parents on the quality of education, D&G Council will inform parents about the school’s progress.”