A75 deer warning

Scotland TranServ, on behalf of Transport Scotland is appealing to drivers across Dumfries and Galloway to keep alert for the presence of young deer running onto trunk roads.

At this time of year, accidents involving deer are more frequent, with the adolescent youngsters leaving their mothers in search of their own territories.

Malcolm Shanks, Scotland TranServ’s Operations Manager added: “This isn’t just something that is reserved for the Highlands, more and more across south west Scotland we are hearing of accidents involving young deer. If you are driving near woodland, or past a large estate then please be vigilant. Even roadside barriers aren’t a hindrance for these animals, they can easily clear such hurdles. Hitting one of these young deer could not only injure it, but potentially injure you and cause significant damage to your vehicle.”

Jamie Hammond, Scottish Natural Heritage’s South Scotland deer management officer, said: “Many people think most accidents with deer occur on remote Highland roads; in fact 70% occur on trunk roads or motorways. Accidents are particularly high in the spring and autumn because dusk and the peak commuting times coincide. Deer are more likely to be feeding near, or on, road verges at this time.”

Latest statistics reveal that there are 7000 collisions between motorists and deer every year in Scotland, with more than 60 of these resulting in injury to humans. Through injury and damage to vehicles this is costing the Scottish economy around £7million annually.