£1m added for pothole repairs

The ruling coalition on Dumfries and Galloway Council says it has added £1m of funding to improve the area’s road network, following an allocation of £1.89m from the Scottish government to help stimulate the local economy.

In its manifesto, the administration agreed to allocate a minimum of £10m per year over the five-year life of the council. The allocation was £14m in the last financial year and this has now been boosted by a further £1m. The coalition says capital structural road maintenance has doubled in the past 10 years.

The administration claims it is aware of the deficiencies in the delivery of road repairs and is committed to not only providing additional funding but improving the quality of road repairs and resurfacing. To this end over £600,000 has been provided for rollers and hotboxes to improve the quality of pothole and surface repairs, rather than continue the old method of “patch and whack” that has proved inadequate.

Tory council leader Ivor Hyslop said: “This is clear evidence that the council is committed to a substantial improvement in D&G’s road network. It is not simply about allocating money, though, but ensuring that our quality of work is excellent.”