Young piper helped by generous locals

Andrew with Brenda Beere and Campbell McCaig
Andrew with Brenda Beere and Campbell McCaig

Andrew Grimes from Sorbie came home from University for the summer little knowing that he was about to become a bit of an internet sensation after becoming Wigtown market’s ‘piper in residence’.

Andrew’s mother Susan was asked if he would come to the weekly market in Wigtown and play his pipes, setting off an amazing turn of events. When he was playing one day, Brenda Beere then took his picture and put it up on social media saying how she had really enjoyed his playing and that Andrew wanted to replace the bag on his pipes.

The next thing was local fundraiser Campbell McCaig took up the cause for this local young man and before Andrew had any idea of what had happened he started to receive envelopes through the door with pound coins and notes inside.

On Saturday, August 15, at Wigtown Market, Andrew was presented with £132.00 from the campaign and as a thank you he gave Brenda and Campbell Kirkcudbright Pipe Band’s CD.

The money has kept rolling in with the total up to £237 and a moisture system was also donated.

Andrew said he is “blown away” by the response and happy to report that he now has a new bag for his pipes as well as new drone and chanter reeds, and other piping essentials.

Andrew took up the pipes three years ago and has, since then, played for Prince Charles, played Beat the Retreat in London and spent last summer in Switzerland at the Basle Tattoo with the Glasgow and Strathclyde OTC Band.

Whenever he is home he returns to play with the Kirkcudbright and District Pipe Band.

Since becoming Wigtown’s ‘piper in residence’ his mum has had lots of requests for his next visit to the market.