Wigtown's young achievers

Wigtown and Kirkcowan Primary Schools held their prizegiving ceremonies recently.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 9th July 2016, 4:45 pm

The award winners were as follows.

Wigtown Passport Awards

Nursery Passport Scheme: £5 Wigtown Book Festival Token in recognition of effort

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Rainbow Passport : Oaklen Baird, Kieran Barclay, Carrie Cairns, Abbie Cluckie, Avah Cluckie, Robbie Henderson, Evie Heron, Miley Lyons, Eli Muir, Lucy Mutungirehi, Naoise Robinson, Flora Simpson, Amy Woodfield.

Bronze Award also includes a Bronze Passport Badge and £10 Wigtown Book Festival token

(in bold = recognition)

Bronze Level 1:Isla Aitcheson, Rory Cannon, Robbie Devine, Emily Gomersall, Niamh Heron, Carly Marshall, Ellie Marshall, Olly Mckie, Zoe Stewart, Declan Tait, Noah Wardell,

partially completed: Emma Aitcheson, Miyah Boswell, Jaimee-Lea Jewiss, Euan Lockhead, Kieran McWilliam

Bronze Level 2: Carsen Baird, Heather Cairns, Lucas Cluckie, Daniel Drysdale, Finley Kennedy,(Pandas best effort on Shakespere task) Natash Kitson, Lewis Laidlaw, Grace Morris, Bob Thompson

Partial: Louis McCreath, Keely Smithers

Bronze Level 3: Lindsay Cannon, Kyle Harris, Emma Ramsey, Molly Sharp,

Partial: Aaron Barclay, Leah Bark

Silver Award also includes a Silver Passport Badge & £15 Wigtown Book Festival token

Silver Level 1: Eilidh Aitcheson,(Dolphins best effort) Jake Devine, Anna Galloway, Oliver Gomersall, Eloise Kitson, Lila McDowell, Katie McMiken, Thomas Simpson, Abigail Stewart, Joe Thompson,

Partial: Finley Cannon, Jay Johnstone, Aaron Keith, Tilly Lyons, Lee McWilliam, Gregor Smith, Eboni Stewart

Silver Level 2:. Georgie Barr, Lorna Cannon, Rory McMiken, Ella Simpson (Tigers best effort) Leah Wardell

Partial: David Bark, Thomas Borthwick, Rhys Kennedy, Deacon Kiltie, Terry Robinson, Jake Smith, Zack Stead-Roberts,

Gold Award also includes a Gold Passport Badge & Wigtown Book Festival token

Gold Level 1: Ellie Cluckie, Helena Cochrane, Ben Marples, Finn McMiken, Zara McWilliam, Euan Plunkett, James Sharp, Erin Thompson, (Rhinos best effort)

Partial: Rebecca Bark, Sharlene Littlejohn, Leeona Lyons, Edana Muir

Gold Level 2:Ross Adams, Oliver Barr, Kirsty Cannon, Michael Cochrane, Aaron Drysdale, Bethany Harris, Ben MacDonald Stuart McKeevor, Jodie Stewart

Partial: Pippa Harris, Rory McLean, Sophie McSeveney

Playground Awards: Molly Sharp, Emma Ramsey, Lila McDowell, Eilidh Aitcheson, Anna Galloway, Oliver Gomersall (acting responsibly and helpful on the playground)

Certificates to the Chair of each of our school committees: Eco – Erin Thompson, Press – Jodie Stewart & Kirsty Cannon, Pupil Council – Sophie McSeveney

Nursery Sports Pre Pre Boys Champion: Aaron Laidlaw; Pre Pre Girls Champion:Shinayde Boswell; Pre Boys Champion: Oaklen Baird; Pre Girls Champion:Amy Woodfield

School Sports: Winning House; Cree

Infant Championship: Boys; Kyle Harris Girls; Emma Ramsay

Junior Championship: Boys; David Bark Girls; Lorna Cannon

Senior Championship: Boys; Euan Plunkett Girls; Jodie Stewart

Sports Award: for great sportsmanship and representing the school on many occasions:

Aaron Drysdale

Machars Primary Sports Champion: Pippa Harris (only achieved last week!)

Junior Project: P1: Emily Gomersall (H.C: Niamh Heron, Ellie Marshall, Zoe Stewart) P2: Carson Baird (H.C: Lucas Cluckie, Natasha Kitson) P3: Emma Ramsey (H.C: Aaron Barclay, Molly Sharp) P4: Thomas Simpson (H.C: Finlay Cannon, Oliver Gomersall, Tilly Lyons)

School Project (Judged by Young Farmers representatives, Karen Creighton and Lynne McShane) P5 1st: Rory McMiken (HC: Georgie Barr, Lorna Cannon, Ella Simpson, Leah Wardell) P6 1st: Helena Cochrane (HC: Finn McMiken, Erin Thomson) Overall 1st – Jacquelyn Steele Trophy: Helena Cochrane P7 1st: Oliver Barr (HC: Ross Adams, Stuart McKeevor, Jodie Stewart) Kirwaugh Cup for Excellent Contribution to Scots Culture: Michael Cochrane (outstanding recitation of Address to a Haggis)

Mr Coates Cup: Lucas Cluckie (entertaining performance)

Sonnets for 21st Century: Deacon Kiltie (Shakespere project – Mrs Cowan and Mrs Boyle)

McGowan Trophy for Expressive Arts: Jodie Stewart and Sophie McSeveney (2 artistic girls who have also won comps out-with school)

McDowall Trophy for Citizenship: Ross Adams and Rory McLean (increasingly taking responsibility for themselves and being willing prefects who lead by example)

The Kirkdale Farm Eco Owl: Erin Thompson

The Stewart Anderson Achievement Water Pitcher: Stuart McKeevor (perseverance with personal target) Ross Adams (outstanding effort and self motivation)

Headteacher’s Award: Nursery: Lucy Mutungirehi (love of learning) Pandas: Ellie Marshall (continued effort and determination) Dolphins: Molly Sharp (perseverance and always working hard) Tigers: Ella Simpson (continued high standards of work) Rhinos: Bethany Harris (commitment to her role of Big Buddy and supporting P1 this year and always completing homework on time.)

Maths Awards: Pippa Harris, Ben McDonald, Oliver Barr

The Grace Steven Memorial Trophy for Excellence: Kirsty Cannon (all round excellence and effort in all subjects, great attitude to learning and outstanding role model to others)

Primary 1 Induction Awards:

Oaklen Baird, Kieran Barclay, Karrie Cairns, Abbie Cluckie, Avah Cluckie, Robbie Henderson, Evie Heron, Miley Lyons, Eilidh Muir, Lucy Mutungirehi, Naoise Robinson, Flora Simpson, Amy Woodfield.

Primary 7 leaving gift from the school a calculator for next year and a Leavers 16 t-shirt to remind you of happy days here and ‘Your Move’ book donated by the Baptist Church: Also disk of memories from Kingswood!

Ross Adams, Oliver Barr, Kirsty Cannon, Michael Cochrane, Aaron Drysdale, Bethany Harris, Pippa Harris, Ben MacDonald, Stuart McKeevor, Rory McLean, Sophie McSeveney, Jodie Stewart