Wigtown afternoon bridge

Wigtown Afternoon Bridge 3/8/16

North / South

1st Margaret Erskine and Frances Brown -2270

2nd Veronica Kingston and May Cowan -3160

3rd Jo Chambers and Marie Horsell -3780

East / West

1st Margaret Campbell and Pam Woods +4780

2nd Mary Maxwell and Elaine Routledge +1950

3rd Pauline Plunkett and Marion Roberts +1880

Wigtown Afternoon Bridge 10/8/16

North / South

1st Mary Sharp and Margeret Baird -110

2nd Margaret Campbell and Hugh Paterson -700

3rd May Cowan and Veronica Kingston -840

East / West

1st Sheila Limbrey and Evie McKenzie +1500

2nd Margaret Parker and Elsie Kirby +1180

3rd Pat McGettigan and Ian Young +1100