Whithorn’s big day

Whithorn - Day in the Region
Whithorn - Day in the Region

Whithorn and District Community Council is hosting the Day of the Region from 19th to 21st September, starting with a launch event featuring a silent documentary film about Whithorn, created by Urbancroft films.

The Day of the Region initiative is one which comes from Europe and has been enthusiastically adopted in Dumfries and Galloway. Whithorn is just one of the communities taking part, but is the only one in the West of the Region.

The two days of the weekend, 20th and 21st, are packed with free events (there is no charge for any event during the weekend), with lots of sport, but also art and heritage events. This is a chance for local people from the town and surrounding area, including young people, to have a go at lots of activities, which they might have thought about, but have not yet taken the plunge : yoga, football, a treasure hunt, chess, painting, upholstery, dance, blacksmithing and boxing are just a few of the activities to try out, at no cost ! Leaflets have been delivered to every household in Whithorn and the surrounding villages will be leafleted during the coming week.

Three events require tickets because of limited space - the film event will have several showings at different times, so pick your preferred time, and the food on offer will include Polish and Indian delicacies. The much anticipated vintage Fashion Show, with a simultaneous demonstration of vintage cars, will also be ticketed; come and support the local models as they show off clothing of the fifties and sixties ! This is followed by a Tea Dance, with ballroom dancing, music and of course, delicious baking by the local WRI. Tickets for these will be available in the newsagent’s and Galloway’s shop. There’s a School concert and lots more to look out for.

For full details, see the official timetable distributed door to door, in shops, noticeboards and online at www.dayoftheregion.co.uk