Whithorn Fireworks display did not disappoint!

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The community group who organised this year’s Whithorn Fireworks for the first time were “overwhelmed” at the support they received.

Unsure on numbers attending, or if the weather was going to hold out, the group of volunteers had an anxious wait; but their spirits were lifted when the rain finally stopped and more than five hundred people descended to the ‘Station Field’ in anticipation of a great fireworks display – and they weren’t disappointed.

Children and adults were left captivated by the vivid display of fireworks exploding in the clear sky.

The team of enthusiastic volunteers had been working tirelessly that day to provide an event for their community, which included side stalls, with home baking from the towns renowned bakers; freshly prepared burgers, as well as hot pancakes - fresh from the griddle, providing sustenance to many.

Many there said the whole event was well planned and delivered whilst others congratulated the team’s efforts and left generous donations in recognition of the group’s hard work to assist them with future displays.

Chairman and spokesperson for the group Forsyth Galloway said: “I am overwhelmed with the number of people who attended our event and want to thank them for their support. We created our group in April, this year, and our wanted to put on a display for the community of Whithorn and visitors from neighbouring villages and towns, an event that they could be proud of. I have a great team of volunteers who gave up their own time, not only on the preparations on the day but over the last seven months too.

“It takes a lot of work to bring something like this together and I want to thank each member of the group personally for their efforts and their continued commitment to the group - we are already planning next year’s event.