Thought for the Week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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How healthy is your heart? The West of Scotland has been a hot spot for heart trouble in recent years. It has been the end of many a person biologically speaking. However there is another type of illness of the heart that can strike a great number of us with very little to do with biology at all and all to do with the spirit.

The frustration of buying something which has been misrepresented is incredibly common to most of us. I can remember many a purchase looking great on paper but once it’s out the box it can be a very different story. People can often be no different. Relationships are a prime example. We can say of one another that a person has changed into someone else. Where has this new person come from?

They have not become someone else. Rather they had tried to be someone else. This is now the real person who has very little to do with the person we may have thought we knew. And the heart breaks and some fear beyond repair, but it need not be!

God tells us that our hearts are broken to begin with. It is not as though we were whole and this other person broke us. What they did do however was revealed where our true love was. It was with them. And because it was with them they could take it back.

Jesus said set our hearts on heaven and God’s glory. When we do this we set them upon one who does not have a broken heart to begin with and who does not seek to break our hearts but to make us whole. Christ will not take back the love he gives. Once we set our hearts here we are able to relate to other people better. We can love and be loved in return. We will never die of a broken heart for this is one heart disease we are cured of permanently.