Thought for the Week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Children enjoy trying to catch bubbles. They chase them and grab them and no sooner do they manage this than the bubbles burst. The moment is gone. But there is always more bubbles at least till they run out. And run out they do.

Adults can be the same with time. We chase it, trying to grab it and hoping when we do we can freeze the moment and hold on to it here and now. Many a picture is an attempt to keep a moment in time and to be able to hand it on to those who come after us. Holding on to now or actively trying to go back in time are both symptoms of a deeper anxiety. The past we know, the future we do not. What if the future is worse? What if there is only now with memories of the past and nothing hereafter? The present becomes an idol and the person becomes paralysed in it.

Christians love the present and rightly so, God is in it by his Holy Spirit. Though there is a lot of mess in this world, there is much beauty and joy. The Bible tells us that when Christ returns, and he will return, it will be better for his people. One of the hardest prayers to offer is one of the most revealing. It is not, “I’m sorry”, that is a hard one but an even harder one found in the closing verses of the Bible is “Come Lord Jesus.”

Why is this hard? Because it shows the priority of the heart. It shows if we are free for the future or slaves to a fear of it. Is it the car, house, family, and life now we only seek and hope in? Or is it really Jesus as he is, God the Son, and the life to come?

For those who seek him, find him and there are no tears in heaven. And none can snatch Christ’s own from the Father’s hand. Christians go to the future knowing it is always better than the present. Do you?