Thought for the Week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Recently I looked out an electric guitar and put some new strings on it. For those people who know about guitars and care about the finer points of Gibson versus Fender, it is an Epiphone Les Paul I have.

Now the guitar is over twenty years old and for the last few years, or may be even more, it has been at rest in its hard case. However once it got the new strings and sent through the amp, it sounded just like it always did. Which was good, till I started playing it!

What struck me was the way the sound has not changed to my ear. It looks the same as it always has and it sounds the same. I on the other hand do not. I have changed, I am older and not as fast on the fret board as I once was.

There can be a temptation to feel that nothing stays the same in this world. Old certainties have gone, and the change can be seen all the more with the Facebook generation who post selfies of themselves constantly. There is a hymn people sing a lot. It says, “Change and decay in all around I see, but thou who changes not, abide with me.” The point is that God does not change. His promises are as sure today as they were when Adam first heard them.

Now without an anchor a ship is at the mercy of the environment and at times that can be a storm. The same is true for a human life. Where will your anchor be this week and in your life? Remember that even a family can change, health can change, even the Scottish weather can change, from a drizzle to full on rain. Put your trust in the sure and certain promises of Jesus Christ. When you do you will find a solid rock on which to rest and to build. And I can promise you with his help nothing is built in vain.