Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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How do we know when we have been moved by something for the real reasons? We could look for the evidences.

Yet most people can leave a church service completely untouched. Neither up nor down.

At Christmas we see that one of the first people to visit the Messiah as he lay on the manger was a group of shepherds. These were not men of great social standing in their own society, nor of great education or wealth. Yet they were rich in their response to meeting Jesus. The shepherds did two things. They praised God and they spoke to people about the God they were praising.

Church can afflict us in two ways. Sometimes we can spend all our time in church talking about God and never talking to him. Or talk to God non-stop but have little to no time to bother speaking to people about him. The shepherds had the perfect reaction and the evidence of it. They were filled with joy. To really meet Jesus at Christmas is to meet with real joy. This joy changes us for the better. If you were ill and you found a medicine would you keep it to yourself?

We all have a common illness. It is why wars will be taking place even as we settle in for Christmas dinner. But the message of Christmas is that this common illness has a common medicine. Born in a manger, that we would inherit a mansion, dying at Easter that we might live forever.