Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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Got all the presents bought yet? I Imagine some of us will have barely started even though we’ve had all year to think about what to buy.

Yet though we do not all share a timetable on when to buy we tend to agree on the wrapping of the gifts. When we wrap them we anticipate the joy that will come from when they are opened. Few people hand over gifts in the original package.

In the bible there are two references to Christ being wrapped.

The first is when he was born and placed in the manger and the second time was when he had been crucified and killed and he was wrapped and placed in the tomb. Both were gifts from God.

The first was he was here to live for us. The second he was here to die for us. He lived a life so when we look into the face of God we will see one who really does know what it costs to be human in life but also one who has gone through life and death to rise to life eternal.

Two gifts that should shape how we can find hope now.

Two gifts from God that came wrapped. But will you bother to take the time to unwrap them this Christmas? For this I can promise. They have your name on them.”