Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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I have officially in my mind accepted winter. Several outings have been noticeably really cold. The solution is easy enough. Wrap up warm, wear good coats and put on your central heating. Don’t go out at night when the temperature is near freezing and all will be manageable.

But what if you have only one set of clothes?

The set you had at summer. Imagine you don’t have central heating because you don’t have a house. So not going out at night is not an option.

In Scotland this number is in the tens of thousands. We can often ponder how people get to this state. Even if it is there own doing something should be done.

At Penninghame St John’s there will be the annual Christmas tree festival.

Trees can be decorated and entered free. They just have to be small, around 2ft. At weekends the church is open for visitors. Donations are optional.

Last year over £1200 was raised for homeless people in D&G. Clothes, sleeping bags and essentials are bought for the most vulnerable and at times invisible. You can find out more on facebook as the church has a facebook page.

No one is invisible to God. Jesus said when we do something for the least of society we do it to him. This small act of giving will make a big difference in some persons life. I hope you might be able to visit and help.