Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

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As we survey our current climate this coming Remembrance Day we may be forgiven for thinking that previous wars were in vain. The world over is in a mess. Indeed wars were in vain if the belief was that by fighting them there would be an end to war. Rather they halted an evil for a season, and as long as we see them for what they were then the sacrifice was not in vain.

At best a war can only be argued as a lesser evil. Can you imagine a choice when you do not get a good option and a bad one, but only a bad one and an even worse one?

Jesus taught his church that in the world we will encounter wars and crimes and loss and injustice. Our best efforts can at best offer a temporary fix or one that may last only a generation or two, but it is God alone who can offer one that lasts. Why? Because he is present in every generation, our leaders are not. By coming to his world and experiencing it God did not learn something he did not already know. It was not for his benefit he came, but ours. So when we see him face to face we will not be able to say “You simply do not know what it’s like on earth”. Jesus experienced the world ruled by a Caesar, no human rights, no free elections and wars woven into the daily fabric, and he will remind us this. In a world of constant change we are being offered an anchor in one who remains the same.

It is an encouragement that even the most powerful of earth’s thrones fade. Caesar along with all his successors, all come and go, and are consigned to history. Jesus was and is still King. So even when presidents names are only on the lips of historians, Christ’s name will still be on the mouth of children and there will be an unchanging hope for a ever changing world.