Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

How often have you built something only to discover that you have some spare screw or fitting left at the end? Though the thing you built still seems to be standing and also working.

The reason for the spare bit at the end is nearly always a fault on my part. I will have failed to follow the instructions properly and thus left myself with a bit of the build not properly inserted. Yet, cupboards still stand and drawers still work with my failure taken into account.

This is because though I may not have paid attention to all the details, the build success is not dependent upon my getting it all correct.

How much can we get wrong in life and still earn our place in heaven? Some may think as long as they get above fifty percent then surely they can make it? Others are a bit more strict and say we would need eighty percent of our lives, lived being good, at least. But what does the Bible say?

Amazingly the Bible says we need one hundred percent to earn our way into glory. The build must be perfect. If we are out by one percent then how can an imperfect creature attain the dwelling of perfection? This would seem to debar all of us, as none of us can ever be able to lay hold of being perfect. The Gospel means good news and it is good news for the following reason. Imagine someone came from the place of perfection and carried out the build for you. Imagine they came and did what you could not do for yourself. Jesus did not just die for his people, but he lived for them as well. Every single detail of what it means to live the perfect life was lived by him. If you are a Christian you need to know following. There are never any spare parts in his great plan, and this is true even if we at times feel like nothing more.