thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

I want to consider an idea very trendy on the current cultural horizon. Have you ever heard people say religion and politics should not mix? It equates to saying, do not let the most fundamental principle of your life guide you in governing a nation. Yet does that sound plausible now? It is like saying food and drink should not be found at the same dinner table. Or that cheese and wine are not a good combo at all.

Republicanism, Monarchism, Socialism, Democracy and Communism have been some of the most favoured forms of government philosophy. Why do we have it and what does it tell us about ourselves and God? Jesus desired to cleanse the temple of government corruption not of the government itself but government wants to cleanse itself of Jesus at times, how convenient. If anyone thinks we are really good creatures who want the best for one another and the planet then they only need to take a look at the places where we have recently removed governments by force. Look at what the great capitalist businesses have done with waste when not regulated, not to mention the major banks. The Bible tells us that we are by nature sinful, the governments presence proves it, Jesus on the cross solves it.

The Bible also shows us that governmental ideology is an expression of theology whether admitted or not. God has made us so that we form these structures, for life is, though not perfect, better because of them. When we look at Paul talking about, “the powers that be” (Romans 13:1), we can see the two great truths of the Bible. Humans are by nature bad, God is by nature good and government was his idea not ours. Thus we see God and politics do sit at the same table.