Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

The rain is now pouring down as I write this. It is not yet cold enough to be wearing our wools but some I see have already started.

Slowly there is the admission, even if only in my own mind, that the Indian Summer I was told was on its way may be deciding not to attend after all. I never cease to be amazed at how much water can leave its mark. Many people in our town sadly experienced that all to recently. When I was an assistant minister in Stirling there was a cathedral close by. Over the arch on one of the doors was a lot of wear and tear. The elevation of the building was around fifty feet up from the river and the damage was on the arch so I knew it was not the river. As I was looking at it, the person next to me said, “ Water did that”, I simply gave them a look to which they added, “One rain drop at a time”.

Then it struck me that given enough single rain drops over time, a cathedral will be washed away, so will any stone structure we build. Through our good deeds as Christians we do not earn God’s forgiveness, for trusting Christ as the messiah does this, yet the deeds do have an effect on the world around us. Most of us may want to see the dramatic effects like a flood. Whole nations being changed for God and thus for the good. Whole generations being able to stop staring at glass screens on iPads and look at the beauty of the earth around them and the needs of our fellow creatures which is far sharper than any HD television. I am convinced though the best way to show this is by the small acts of grace. Jesus said, “Even if you give them, the least of society, as much as a cup of cold water in my name, you give it to me”. God speaks to us through the rain.