Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

Any harbour in a storm may be a good idea but I am never sure as you can counter it with another snippet, that is from the frying pan into the fire!

Many people in our nation are feeling very uncertain right now. Uncertain about the future of savings, the future of house prices, jobs and even national identity.

The Bible brings to the Christian a great measure of calm amidst all storms and this current one is no different. In Psalm 2 we are told the world in which King David lived was one where unions outside of God and the promise of his Messiah were made ten a penny. The nations outside of Israel plotted and agreed with each other and then disagreed and fell out. The one thing they had in common was the desire to mock God and his people. The cycle never stops the Bible tells us. The reason is simple there is no glue we can devise in humanistic terms to hold society together.

What is happening now the Bible says has already happened a hundred times and will continue to. A Christian can then draw comfort from this. That troubling it most certainly is but new and greater than what has been before it most certainly is not. The only glue strong enough to hold earth together must

come from God above. Yet there is a second source of comfort in the psalm. A reminder that God is unlimited and all are accountable to him as judge, even those who mock him amidst the growth and collapse of their empires. Since God is unlimited then to trust in him is to trust in an unlimited source. Which means your hope can be unlimited. You face today and tomorrow in the knowledge that you can know one who is without limit.

Our faith, hope and very being will be improved by all this chaos. We will be brought closer to one another and to God. Nothing is new with this world but in God, his mercies are new every morning. The Christian has found that even amidst the perfect storm, they have a more perfect harbour.