Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

I am glad that I am still at the stage where presents for the children do not need to be iPads and the like. They are expensive but at least they are packaged simply and you can access them the minute you open the white box.

We are still in the phase of Batman figures and dolls. This may be more affordable in monetary terms but not in stress. Incredibly there have been numerous toys which I have needed a screwdriver to get it out of the box. The figure has been held in wire, string, tape and even screws. Does it really need to be that complicated? On this point I would answer in the negative, no. It does not need to be this complicated but it sadly is.

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday when we remember and reflect on God’s nature as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some would say, and in history have said, that this is too complicated an idea and it makes little sense for God to have a nature like this. I wonder why? Do we expect God would have a nature like ours only? How anthropocentric is that? Ego at its worst!

Rather than being an over complication like the packaging of the toys it makes wonderful sense. From before time, if we can get our heads around this, God has been in communion with himself. Never alone, always able to love without that love being selfish. The Father loves the Son and the Spirit and there is an exchange in love between all three of them.

Practically this means that the creation, of which we are a part of, was not brought about to alleviate boredom or loneliness in God.

He was already in company before he made us. Then we must ask why he made us? The answer is to share his own nature and love with us, to bring us into a relationship with him.

So the Trinity tells us the following: God did not create everything out of some necessity but rather out of some desire. That desire was love. A staggering truth is that we are made because God loves us, not because he needs us.

This is why he even came and told us in person.