Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

This week I had the experience of watching the planet Mercury pass in full view across the Sun.

The only reason I could look at the Sun through their telescope was because the device had a special filter that allowed me to see without scorching the retina out of my eye socket! Before I went out though I looked in another very important device, the mirror. So one device gave me a picture of myself and the other, a picture of the sun under magnification.

Mercury was small but you could still see it. Yet what I found more odd was this is one of the things we tell children never to do with any magnification equipment. But if you have the correct equipment you can look. Where do we look to see that accurate picture of ourselves as we really are? Who is, if any, the one we seek who is above us and all for us?

For many the only place we look to see ourselves is in the mirror. The only voice of counsel we will listen to is our own. The only one above us that we look to could be a family member or friend or a famous person. Yet we still need to look in two places and accept the view is not without bias. Imagine both could be improved and found in one place. An accurate view of yourself and a source of help beyond that burns brighter than even the sun. A place of honesty and without bias.

The Lord Jesus shows us in his Gospel these two wonderful things, God in high magnification and a good clear mirror for ourselves. This provides us with accurate images of the two most important people we need to deal with in life. A great part of life’s trouble is that we do not get a clear view of either because we do not use the mirror or the telescope that God has appointed. The next time we can see Mercury cross the Sun is in 2019. We do not need to wait that long to get an accurate view of ourselves or the God who made us. Also we have one place and one person in the Bible who shows us these two things without bias and accurately. Here in Christ you can look in order to see.