Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

Do you keep good company? In his book titled Cold, Sir Ranolph Feinnes, the last of the great British explorers said that there was no such thing as bad weather merely bad clothing. Now he exaggerated his point to make a point. The point being that often what catches most people out is not just where they find themselves, but what they are wearing or not wearing at the time.

A lot of people spend a great deal of time considering what they will wear on a daily basis or at least for a special occasion. Being dressed well and sensibly is learned from a young age. Who would think climbing Cairnsmore in stilettos was wisdom perfected, or running marathons with Eddie Izzard in South Africa while wearing a Canada Goose full Antarctic parker?

The journey we make internally in life is as joyous and at times brutal as any external journey. The way our feet can climb and fall and run and stumble so also can our hearts, minds and very souls in life. Moments of elation at the top of the mountain to near complete breakdown at the valley floor. Christians face this as much as any other human being. Belief in Christ does not always remove the obstacle, so what does it do then?

Charles Spurgeon who was a minister in London in the last century once said that we are not to pray to God to go around a valley that God is calling us to go through. For God will not abandon us in the midst of it, even if we feel he has. The real question is not where am I now in life but who am I with?

Being without Christ yet immersed in total pleasure of this world is a more dreadful reality than being alone in human terms but with him in the midst of the valley. For the world is passing away. He abides forever. When our eyes close in this life, they will open to see him fully in the next. Either as one we recognise who stood by us in our strife and carrying us when we could not even walk or as the stranger we never invited to our party. So are you keeping good company?