Thought for the week with Rev. Edward Lyons

“God knows” means he really does. Often I hear it being said, sometimes before an apology to myself when the person sees my clerical collar, even though it is not my namebeing used to express total confusion on some topic.

I suppose I am prepared to relay the apology to God, except… that’s right he already knows it was said. Confused yet? Trying to fully grasp with a finite mind, a mind that is infinite has that effect.

God’s knowledge of all things is in no way lacking, yet it is curious that so many people would actually say something true about a being they probably do not even believe in, at least in any orthodox sense of belief. Though for us who do then these words are precious.

Who has not walked away from a heated situation with the feeling that it simply boiled down to the fact that we could no longer communicate? Our words fell on deaf ears or maybe our words were heard but were simply not understood.

A time is coming when that misunderstanding will be one away with. Many today may have loved ones in and even more distant place.

Their minds might show flashes of recognition but that is in a good moment. The greater fear may be they simply do not know very much if anything at all.

They do not know us, they may even no longer know themselves, or where they are or where they are going.

We might look at this situation and think no one really knows what is going on inside these people any more and despair. Medical and care staff can make good assessments based on experience and knowledge but is that it? Is that as far as we can go and all we can say and offer?

I want to say this: God knows. One day, if your loved one is in Christ by Faith and so are you, then you will meet again.

You will recognise one another again, perfected in Christ. And maybe one of the first things you will be told is, “Thank you.”

A thank you from your loved one for still visiting, for still speaking, for still listening and for still loving. Know that Christ still loves us even when we are struggling to know he does and the day will come when that struggle to know will be over. St Paul said, “For now I know only in part, but then I will know in full even also as God knows me”. Maybe the nest time you are struggling to speak to your loved one you can simply say this to them.

“This confusion you know, is only for a season”.