Thought for the Week

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Did you last change your car, phone, hairstyle or even a human relationship because your last one fell apart or because you thought the new one would be better? The chasing of the next new thing is a very old problem.

Before the most important events in life we often undergo some preparation. Before we are married, we have time to prepare for all sorts of aspects of married life. Before we own a car, we need to prepare by attaining a driving licence that lets us legally drive on the roads. Before performing our first act of surgery on a patient, we will have prepared for years at university and at placements in hospitals.

Yet how many of us take our driving test again? Once we have it we maybe know we would not pass again if we were to sit the same test today. Unless our marriage is collapsing, how many of us ask to study marriage or revisit the promises made before God, if we were married in church?

The reality is not many of us. We get the pass we need and we endure the preparation once and we hope that will be enough. Worship each Sunday is a time of focus. The death and resurrection of the messiah is of such importance to the human race that it would be criminal to visit it once in life and never again. Each time we get to look at Christ and think again why he did this we get to remind ourselves that we are loved by God and in turn we are able to love him and this is the impetus to then reach out in love to one another. Rather than being a time of denial like a spiritual winter, it becomes a spiritual spring filled with new life. Rather than the constant need for something new we find peace with someone who as the children’s hymn says is “ever old and ever new”.