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Pupils at the world of work day in Port William
Pupils at the world of work day in Port William


Bridge Club

Leswalt pupils enjoy an ice cream at the beach clean

Leswalt pupils enjoy an ice cream at the beach clean

Results from May 30:

N/S - 1, Hugh Paterson and John McCourtney +5760;

2, Douglas Ballantyne and Jimmy McKenzie +4190;

3, Barbara Gaw and Lynn Drummond +4050.

E/W - 1, Alan Williams and Jim Watson +430;

2, Vivian Delf and Peter Bedford -2060;

3, Margaret Parker and Evie Mc Kenzie -2090.


First Responders

The Port William First Response Team recently called a public meeting in the Maxwell Hall to highlight the current status of the Team, and to investigate the possibility of installing Public Access Defibrillators in Port William and the surrounding villages of Mochrum, Monreith and Elrig.

Murray Morland, Chairman of the First Response Team, informed the meeting that following recent retirements the team was no longer able to provide 24/7 cover, typically being unable to staff weekends. It was perceived that the installation of Public Access Defibrillators would provide an alternative method of providing essential support to people in cardiac arrest.

Isobel Torbet then gave an overview of activities at Whithorn, where four defibrillators were to be deployed following a successful fund raising effort in the town. The budget cost for the machines was £1500 each, with an ongoing maintenance budget of around £160 per year. Training could be arranged, however when deployed the units are self regulating, and provide the user with ‘voice’ instructions to be followed.

The First Response Team had already committed to the purchase of one machine, and the meeting agreed that fund raising, to be led by the First Response Team, should commence to aid the acquisition of further units.

Port William

World of work

To help pupils learn about the world of work, all P6/7 pupils at Port William and Kirkinner have recently completed ‘work experience’. Before their placements, children researched skills needed using the online resource, My World of Work. They then spent 3 afternoons ‘ at work’ learning a variety of skills thanks to local businesses; Clansman, The View, 3B Construction, Port William Community Shop, Spar Shop, Mr and Mrs Patterson(Architectural Drawing and Design and Art), Port William Playgroup, Café Rendezvous, Wigtown Library, Wigtown Community Shop and Wigtown Book festival. To complete the block of learning, pupils enjoyed a visit from the Skills Development Scotland mobile bus last Friday. It’s not actually a bus! It is a group of computer based; interactive resources which can help the children identify their skills and which career or type of job they might like to pursue in a few years’ time. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed their experiences which would not have been possible without the support of parent volunteers and businesses in the community.

Pupil comments about their experiences included, “I learnt how to work the computer in the Post Office.” Jake P7

“We enjoyed all the activities and learnt how to design a house on the computer and how to scan and edit a picture.” Abby P7 & Chloe P6

“I learnt how to make a starter with garlic bread topped with chicken, spices and cheese.” Natalie P6

“I learnt how to sort the clothes out and put them on the hangers.” Drew P6

“I enjoyed getting to serve customers and working at the till.” Courtney P7

“It was awesome. We learnt about the office and then we learnt about the plumbing and the electrics that go into a cabin that is on site.” David P6 & Max P6

“I enjoyed helping the children in Playgroup on the computers.” Katie P7

“I learnt how to work the library catalogue and sort and order the books.” Diana P7

“I liked sitting behind the counter recording what was sold.” Helene P7

“I had lots of fun, I felt like I really worked there.” Zak P7


Primary beach clean

What a gorgeous day Leswalt Primary had to head to Larbrax Beach for some serious beach cleaning! The pupils had so much fun helping to care for their environment and enjoying this glorious sunshine at the same time!

The minibuses dropped them off at the farm and they all trooped down towards the shore. Once there, they were met by Venetia Anderson, who organised this beach clean , and once equipped with disposable gloves and litter pickers and sorted into small groups, the pupils set to work!

What a busy time they had cleaning! From big pieces of rubbish (tyres, plastic crates) to smaller bits (bottle lids, cans) they collected them all and then gathered the cleared-up rubbish in a handy spot for it to be collected and disposed of properly.

The pupils also got the chance to meet and chat with Wayne and Koda. They are on a One Man and His Dog mission to walk around the coastline of the UK, litter-picking as they go. He was very impressed to meet the pupils. We all need to do our bit to keep our beautiful countryside looking wonderful and the children of Leswalt Primary are very knowledgeable about their responsibilities in this. A busy morning of tidying was rounded up with a very welcome ice lolly as they sat and chatted in the sunshine!