Thank you Carlingwark!

Leswalt pupils enjoy the canoeing
Leswalt pupils enjoy the canoeing

Primary five and seven pupils from Leswalt headed off to Carlingwark a couple of weeks ago for some watersports fun.

The weather wasn’t particularly on their side but what fun they all had with Canoeing, kayaking and mountain biking (the sailing had to be cancelled unfortunately as it was just a bit too windy!)

The boys and girls had a great time trying out lots of new activities.

Pupil Logan said: “We headed off from school at half past eight in the morning. I was with Jack, Jamie and Euan. I thought it was good fun. I loved the canoeing. I got soaked when we rocked the boat but I didn’t mind. It was cool!

“When I found out we were doing land sports, I was really excited! I liked mountain biking the best because I was like Lewis Hamilton fast and speedy! It felt like I was going as fast as lightning. I was getting used to standing up and covering the brakes. I enjoyed working with Kirstie in orienteering and scaring her through the trees!”

Ethan said: “I had a fantastic time at Carlingwark. We did canoeing, kayaking, orienteering and MOUNTAIN BIKING!!! That was my favourite task. The food at The Scottish Pantry was amazing, the sausages were so good. When we did the Mountain, at first I was like ‘OH GOSH!’ but when we got into it, I loved it. Thank you Carlingwark I loved it!”

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Leswalt pupils enjoy the canoeing


Pupils from Leswalt at Carlingwark