Team building

The staff at Trust Housing, Ashgrove Court (Agnes Johnstone, Morag Smith, Allison McShane, Arlene Forsyth, Tanya Allan, Rosie Plunkett, Sharon Jardine, Hazel Robb and ex-staff member Mary Bell) recently completed an adventure fundraising event for their tenants’ RTO fund on Friday 1st July at Laggan Outdoors.

There they faced and overcame their fears by doing various different activities involving the spectacular zip wire, the human catapult, reverse steer jeep driving blindfold & mastering Segways.

It was a great team bonding day and they were blessed with reasonable weather to capture the best views over the Galloway bay and Isle of Man. Some Dutch courage was required in order to do some of the events as some had a fear of heights so the zip wire proved challenging.

Three staff did the human catapult which is never to be done again!

Fun was also had at the reverse steer jeep driving where the driver was blindfolded and relied on their team mate tapping their shoulder as to what direction to take but having to go the opposite way instead.

Just glad they were in a field and not on the road!

We all had a go on the Segways touring the farm and taking in the scenery. Once all the money was collected we presented the tenants with a cheque for £1164 for the RTO fund.