Teaching men to survive in the kitchen

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A NEW class aimed at teaching “men’s cooking to survive” has started.

The initiative has been luanched at Penninghame House Cooking School, which held its first event last Tuesday night.

Chef Jack Lambeth demonstrated a number of recipes before the men taking part went to their own cooking stations to try for themselves.

The focus of the class was simple but satisfying and tasty dishes with an emphasis on basic techniques so that the students gain more confidence and apply what they learned to other new recipes.

The class had an assortment of different experience ranging from beginners to more confident cooks.

Once all the cooking was finished, the men retired to the dining room to eat what they had prepared.

Chef Jack described the evening as “lots of hearty grub, manly banter and beer all around”.

The menu the class cooked was: spicy squash soup, pasta with tomato sauce, chicken or tofu and vegetable wraps, stir-fried spring greens and mixed berry kanten.

For more information about the classes, contact Chris Hanna on 01671 401414.